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Fireproof Lithium ion* battery eCase protects against fire, flames, smoke, heat and high temperature while charging, carrying, in transit and storage. Customized products available for eFoil and Hoverboards. * Lithium Polymer, LiPo, LIP, Li-poly. lithium-poly.

Palm Harness™ Pro, Palm Harness™ Sport and Palm Harness™ help improve grip for sports, construction, rehabilition, rescue, exercise and postal carriers.

DUROTRAX Snapless Boat Top System covers your boat easily and quickly.

Lithium Ion Battery eCase for Lift eFoil™

Battery eCase

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Lithium Ion Battery eCase for Hoverboards

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  • Lightweight, soft and flexible padded material, providing incredible ease of use while withstanding high heat.
  • Convenient carrying handle pocket.
  • Simple closure allowing the ability to slide battery in and out of eCase.
  • Able to recharge while inside the case.


  • The outer layer was developed by NASA technologies and is a fire and heat resistant carbon fiber fabric.
  • Inside is a heat shield thermal barrier of aluminized fiberglass fabric.
  • Maximum allowable service temperature 1800*F and 3000*F for short duration.
  • Excellent protection against radiant heat.
  • Both layers combine to withstand extreme temperatures.

* Custom Lithium battery e-case quotes
    available on request.

Palm Harness Palm Harness Palm Harness - Palm Harness Sport
Palm Harness "Get a Grip"

The Palm Harness™ is designed to transfer virtually all the pulling force from the fingers and hands, giving a better grip and helping reduce muscle fatigue and blisters.

Industrial, Construction, Sports, Rehabilitation, Rescue.

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Fireproof lithium ion e-Case bag protects against fire, flames, heat and high temperature. Prevents Lithium ion battery fire ( Lithium Polymer, LiPo) while charging, carrying, transit and storage.