The latest innovation in the advance of sailing is the PALM HARNESS™ PRO. The new ultra thin streamlined design gives added flexibility when needed for more control and ease of handling. It is compact and versatile maximizing your full potential, allowing for a stronger grip, preventing hand fatigue and cramping. This results in longer sailing time and longer hang time in the most challenging conditions. It allows for greater acceleration in strong gusts and aids finger grip in cold weather conditions.

The Palm Harness™ can add hours to your sailing time and is strong enough to handle extreme loads, yet it is light and easy to use. The Palm Harness can be adjusted, accommodating different size wrists and hands. It supports the wrists, yet allows free motion of the hands.

You control this device easily because the finger loop is placed around the middle fingers of each hand. The loop is secured to the lightweight hook, allowing it to remain in contact with your fingers and follow the motion of each hand while either holding or releasing the Palm Harness™.

This feature insures quick release of the boom when jibing and does not interfere with grabbing the mast or other objects. May be worn with or without gloves.


  • Less finger fatigue
  • Faster acceleration with less effort
  • Control in gusts
  • Longer sailing
  • Cold weather sailing
  • More secure grip on the booms
  • Aids in water starts and up hauling


Palm Harness Pro
The strength is in the heat treated, e-coated 3/4″ x 3/16″ spring steel which is between 2 layers of smooth webbing to create the ultra thin shape with greater flexibility.

Palm Harness Sport
Constructed with a durable, molded, ergonomically designed hook which fits in the hand. Tuff enough to handle wear and high impact.

Solutions Dept. US Patent #6,834,397