Palm Harness


PALM HARNESS is shipped as a pair / 2 per order.
US Patent #6,834,397

PALM HARNESS is shipped as a pair / 2 per order.

The PALM HARNESS is designed to transfer virtually all the pulling force from the fingers and hands, giving a better grip and helping reduce muscle fatigue and blisters.

Control of this device is by the use of the finger loop placed around fingers of each hand. The loop is secured to the lightweight hook, allowing it to remain in contact with your fingers and follow the motion of each hand without impeding hold or release.

Ergonomically shaped hook design fits perfectly in any hand. A thin profile and finger-shaped contour gives strength and comfort while supporting the wrists.

Durable enough to handle extreme loads or high impact, yet light and easy to use with or without gloves.

Adjustable - one size fits all. The Palm Harness is composed of two parts, the adjustable wrist strap and the palm strap with finger loop. The two parts can be adjusted to fit your hand and wrist size comfortably.

Great support for load bearing activities, gripping for long periods of time and good for cold weather conditions. Intended uses:

  • Emergency
  • Rescue
  • Weightlifting
  • Windsurfing
  • Wing Surfing
  • Rowing

US Patent #6,834,397

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Black, Yellow