Motorcycle Exhaust Heat Shield

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“Hot Pipes” motorcycle exhaust heat shield provides protection from motorcycle exhaust pipe radiant heat. These heat shields have a soft padded flexible material for almost any exhaust. They work great as an OEM addition over exhaust wrap, or even double up existing metal heat shields for the ultimate protection.

Finally, a attractive solution to protect your legs from hot motorcycle exhaust temperature!

BEFORE: Without Heat Shield

before heat shield

AFTER: Heat Shield Installed

Hot Pipes Exhaust Heat Shield

Install Instructions:

Straps are adjusted for different exhaust pipe diameters as shown. Fits most motorcycle brands such as – Harley Davison, Honda, Kawaski, Suzuki, Ducati, etc.

Large diameter exhaust pipes

For large diameter exhaust pipes with existing metal heat shields, attach the straps at the top and bottom corners.

Small diameter exhaust pipes

For small diameter stock exhaust pipes, attach the straps towards the center to reduce the diameter.