Reference source: Lift Manual v16, page 42

Store your eFoil battery in a cool, dry location. The ideal storage state is at 30-50% of charge. This will lead to the longest life for your battery.

  • Allowable temp: -10C˚ to 40C˚ (14F˚ to 104F˚)
  • Ideal storage temp: 5C˚ to 25C˚ (41F˚ to 77F˚)

We recommend to store your lithium-ion battery in a fireproof case.

As with all lithium-ion batteries, the Lift eFoil battery will slowly lose charge over time while it is stored. If stored for a long (roughly 9 months to several years) time with use, the battery can become over-discharged and lose the ability to be charged at all. To prevent this, and for the longest life of your battery, the battery should be plugged into a charger and charged until reaches 30-50% every 3 months.

Wake Up
To wake up your battery after a long use, follow normal charging instructions, there are no special changes after a long period of inactivity. Remember to first connect the data connector, and then the twist lock, and then plug the charger into the wall.

Recommended Maintenance
Before every use, inspect the battery for damage and water ingress. Extra attention should be paid to the enclosure in looking for any cracks in the plastic or areas where the lid may have begun pulling away from the housing (these are potential leak paths). Do not use a battery that has been damaged or you suspect to contain any water.

While the battery pack is waterproof and totally sealed, minimizing exposure to water is recommended.

Keep the data connector clean and dry. If any debris or moisture enters the connector, clean with low- pressure air. A gentle fresh water rinse may be used if salt water enters the connector. Oil the connector regularly using the lubricant provided; on every few uses and before storage.

Keep the twist lock connector clean and dry. Recommendations for the data connector may be followed here as well. While the twist lock connector is less sensitive than the data connector, avoiding debris, moisture and salt water ingress will improve the twist lock connector’s service life.

NEVER use a high-pressure spray of water on the battery as it will damage the seals. NEVER use compressed air on the battery as it will damage the seals. NEVER drop the battery. NEVER subject the battery to harsh mechanical vibration or shock. NEVER operate a battery with any visible damage. NEVER attempt to repair a damaged battery.