The PALM HARNESS ™ PRO offers support for easier and safer lifting while helping reduce stress to the hand and fingers. It is compact and versatile to maximize your full potential. The streamlined design gives added flexibility and gripping power for greater control.

Handling of this device is acquired by placing the finger loop around the middle fingers of each hand. The loop is secured to the lightweight hook, allowing it to remain in contact with your fingers and follow the motion of each hand while either holding or releasing the Palm Harness™.

The added strength is achieved by heat-treating the spring steel. The spring steel is sandwiched between layers of smooth webbing to create the ultra thin shape and give greater hand comfort.

Easy On and Off
Pull wrist strap through plastic loop and fasten for a snug fit. Adjust as needed for a customized fit. Able to be worn on either right or left wrists.

Constructed with an adjustable strap, the fabric-backed neoprene features trimmed edges to prevent irritation or chaffing, relieving strain and increasing support.

Able to handle extreme loads or high impact, yet it is lightweight and easy to use with or without a glove.

Lift with support and confidence.
Adjustable – One size fits all.


  • Greater power for lifts, curls, chin-ups, pull-downs, dips, rowing and more…
  • Hook design allows easy on/off application.
  • Less finger fatigue
  • More secure grip
  • Safer lifting
  • Exceeds the limits of ordinary lifting straps and gloves
  • Excellent support and protection for both pushing and pulling exercises

Solutions Dept. US Patent #6,834,397

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